The Pope claims that laughing at God is not blasphemy

16 June 17:23
Pope Francis. Photo: Bigmir Pope Francis. Photo: Bigmir

At a meeting with comedians, Pope Francis stated that if a joke about God is not offensive, it is not blasphemy.

Pope Francis declared that jokes about God are normal and not blasphemous, according to Reuters. He made this statement during a meeting with comedians, writers, and actors.

""Can we also laugh at God? Of course, it's not blasphemy, we can, just as we play and joke with the people we love," said the Pontiff. "Humour does not offend, humiliate, or put people down according to their flaws," he added, holding up "Jewish wisdom and literary tradition" as an example of good comedy.

"What I am saying now is not heresy: when you manage to draw knowing smiles from the lips of even one spectator, you also make God smile," Francis said.

As reported by UOJ, during a private meeting with priests, Pope Francis mentioned that there is an "atmosphere of faggotry" in the Vatican.

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