Lawyer tells how the right to defence is violated in court in UOJ case

06 June 19:12
The Solomiansky District Court of Kyiv. Photo: The Solomiansky District Court of Kyiv. Photo:

The defense side filed a motion to recuse the investigating judge.

On 6 June, in the Solomiansky District Court of Kyiv, a case against journalists from the UOJ and Fr Serhiy Chertylin (the defence side wants to extend the pre-trial investigation for 6 months) is being considered. Father Serhiy's lawyer, Archpriest Nikita Chekman, said about how the right to defence is violated by the judge in this process.

According to the lawyer, there are 14 suspects in this case, and only four of them, along with their lawyers, are present in court. In accordance with legislative requirements, cases of this nature should be heard with the participation of suspects and their defenders. However, the judge of the Solomiansky District Court ignores these requirements and attempted to proceed with the UOJ case without the presence of lawyers for ten suspects. Furthermore, some defence attorneys attempted to participate in the trial via video conference, but since they couldn't hear anything, they were unable to participate. However, this did not stop the investigating judge, who continued the court session. As a result, the defence side filed a motion to recuse the judge. Due to internet issues in the court, a technical recess was announced.

"The lawyers are professionally responding to the aforementioned violations. Today, a complaint was filed by Fr Serhiy to the High Council of Justice regarding the illegal actions of the investigating judge Kratko. We see how people's rights to defence are violated. We document this, and everyone involved in this lawlessness will be held accountable. Everyone! Both judges and prosecutors, and everyone participating in this lawlessness," Fr Nikita concluded.

As reported, on 4 June, the defense challenged the investigating judge because of his bias.

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