Vatican 'catechises' pagan deity Pachamama

02 January 2020 12:30
Catholic bishops and cardinals participate in the Catholic bishops and cardinals participate in the "catechism" of Pachamama. Photo:

During a Christmas concert at the Vatican, Catholic cardinals and bishops took part in the "catechism" of a pagan deity.

On December 14, 2019, during a Christmas concert organized by the Congregation for Catholic Education of the Roman Catholic Church, a ritual "catechism" of Pachamama took place, reports.

The concert, held in the Vatican's Paul VI Audience Hall (Aula Paolo VI), was attended by 5,000 people. Another two million viewers watched the event via live television broadcast.

It is reported that Pope Francis delivered a pre-written short speech at the event, while a woman from Latin America conducted the "catechism" of Pachamama.

In particular, she addressed the audience, asking them to cross their hands over their chests to feel the powerful energy, explaining that "we feel not only 'our heart,' but also 'the heart of Mother Earth.'"

According to this woman, this is the "spirit" that "allows us to hear the message of Mother Earth", and "for indigenous peoples, Mother Earth or Hicha Guaia (a synonym for Pachamama) is everything in this world."

To the bishops and cardinals present, as well as all participants of the event, the woman explained that Hicha Guaia "provides food, holy water, and medicinal plants, therefore, requires the offering of the placenta and the first hair of each person as a sacrifice."

It is noted that the cardinals and bishops present in the hall during the "catechism" "clearly followed the instructions of this lady".

Earlier, it was reported that in Rome, Catholic bishops participated in a pagan ceremony.

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